This Laikipia Land Issue Is A Big One For Our Country

This Laikipia land issue is bad news for big landowners in our country. The land is just a play ground for them and they don’t want to be disturbed. Sorry, Kenyans are going to disturb you.

So far what we all know is that there has been violent skirmishes and land takeovers mostly against the law. and the land owners.

And now the so called law is clamping down to restore “law and order”

But what is the “Law and Order” in terms of land ownership and utilization in Laikipia County and the same in many parts of our country.

It is awful for Kenyans.

And Happy Valley for some

This is the land ownership reality in Laikipia

Start with Ol Ari Nyiro Ranch

These are the land owners in Laikipia. Obviously none of us or anybody else we know has been been here.

I am booking. But this is Laikipia.


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Ruto Waves The Surrender Flag Upside Down on a Bazooka. Can that Work?

By Adongo Ogony September 16, 2021

Gado Cartoons on Twitter: "Bottom Up explained!… "

Here is what Ruto wants now.

This is Ruto’s wish now:

“Mimi niko tayari. Hawa maaskofu wamesema wanataka kuniweka pamoja na rais, mimi niko tayari asubuhi na mapema bila condition (I’m ready. The clergy has said that it wants to unite me and the president. I’m ready without any condition),” Ruto said.

He added that there are a few people who came in between them with ill motives.

“Without condition, any moment because we were both elected by Kenyans and they gave us mandate to run this government.”

This is exactly what I was thinking about when Ruto was on a full smoking gun charge at his boss and his forever nightmare, Raila Odinga.

This election is going to be the fiercest ever in our country and will have far reaching consequences for us as Kenyans and for our so called leaders.

Ruto has been glossing over his immense wealth and telling Kenyans how they can follow the path Mr. Ruto followed to be as rich as he is today.

Of course Ruto knows poor Kenyans cannot print money like he did with Jirongo in Kanu YK92 and literally haul away sacks of millions every time in their wheelbarrows from the Central Bank of Kenya.

Ruto knows his Bottoms UP Model (BUM) is a joke to dupe Kenyan voters to vote for a super rich person who has robbed them all his adult life to get where he is.

The supper wealthy like Ruto are afraid that after they lose the election in 2022, serious questions are going to be raised about their stolen wealth which they keep bragging about considering some of their prized assets are illegally constructed on public land.

Once Ruto sees the doors closing on him he has only one choice and he is sly enough to go that route. Ruto doesn’t want to live in exile like me. It is not Okay even for me but I did not leave mountains of stolen wealth in Kenya that would give me sleepless nights here in Toronto even in freezing winters.

So these guys are going to talk and come with their tails in place and go with the wind when the hammer falls in 2022. They are in this for their money and quite frankly these people don’t give a damn about ordinary Kenyans lives.

It is a pity how much time politicians have to spend dancing and clowning around the clock with Kenyans whom they really can’t stand in their normal lives.

Ruto knows the daily dancing at his shrine in Karen is a charade and Kenyans know it.

How funny would it be when President Uhuru goes to Karen to do a gig dance with Ruto. For the mediation between the owners of the country we live in.

God forbid Uhuru brings Raila with him as a delegate. I will be the mosquito in the swimming pool watching all that.

Stay tuned.

We have come from the bellicose Ruto of “No Surrender, No Retreat” just a few days ago to the Ruto of “I am available unconditionally to talk with the president”.

Talk about what. That is the question.

Ruto knows pretty well that if he wanted a chat with his boss he doesn’t need to invite the president through the media addressing his dancers.

Ruto would pick a phone and tell Uhuru he wants to talk to him.

So Ruto announcing his intention to have a mediation between him and president Uhuru is just another practical joke and a bad one.

Is Uhuru required to answer Ruto through media too. Uhuru already asked Ruto to resign from his DP post and do his full time campaign for 2022.

Ruto’s response was “No Surrender: No Retreat” addressing another delegation at his house.

That is a firm way to talk to your boss, but if you have to I am good with it.

You as the DP has every right to disagree with the president and tell him you are charting a new path for Kenyans.

Kenyans will look at your projected path with the facts they have and decide if you will be their next president come October 2022.

It is a big decision and Kenyans will make it.

But a few things need to be addressed because this is not a fight over a bowl of milk and some people are saying oh the milk is spilling over help.

This bowl is the nation called Kenya. You and me are the citizens in that bowl. We can’t spill over.

Has anybody ever heard of a president having a mediation with his deputy?

If Ruto resigned from his job as Uhuru’s deputy and set up his own force then they can have their negotiations.

You come to my house and find me in my bed and start telling me you want a mediation with me about my bed. I am pulling out my rungu from under the bed and you know where it is landing.

So let’s assume for everybody’s good that the Deputy President wants to have a mediation process between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

How do you do that.

Certainly not through the media and political drama.

If fact that should come from President Uhuru telling Kenyans he is having discussions with his deputy to ensure things continue running smoothly for the country.

Now he is being ordered by his deputy to do so.

It doesn’t work that way.

So we know this stuff is not serious but Kenyans actually want a sense of unity and more importantly security in the country.

I am not even talking about the fuel prices right now in Kenya driving everybody crazy.

Today Kenyans even in the villages use gas stoves.

They are economical and we don’t have wood any more. Oh my god I used to hate those fetching dry trees and leaves for our parents to cook.

I think it was called “Mooto”, “Ng’odo Yien” (cutting Trees) and “Mooto” means collecting all the wood and tying it in bundles and taking it home for cooking.

This was the only job I could to help because my sisters told my mother I was useless in trying to fetch water. You have to carry something in your head and be steady. I couldn’t take it.

So my sisters said I have to mooto. It was fine with me. I brought stuff home.

When that chicken is boiling and you know you brought the fire from your “mooto” to make this happen, you are waiting to attack that food and we did with great joy.

But there is no wood fuel anymore in Kenya. The government has put up the price of oil and gasoline beyond the reach of Kenyans who need it to survive.

That cannot work. And it won’t.

May be that is what Ruto, Uhuru and whoever else should meet to talk about and solve.

And don’t forget the security crisis in Laikipia happening as we speak.

Is it being taken care of now as Matiang’i promised?

And Lodwar.

Remember The Declaration of Drought Disaster in Lodwar a few days ago.

What is being done there now out of the cameras.


Kenyans have a lot of concerns they would want their leaders not just to talk about but to provide solutions for right now.

Those are real issues affecting their lives today and everyday.

The education sector is in chaos and nobody knows anything.

Now we have the CBC format imposed by the Cabinet Secretary of Education. Nobody knows what to do in the schools. Parents and students are puzzled.

The rich Kenyans prepare their kids to go abroad and study so what happens in our local colleges is irrelevant to them until they want to “achieve” that fake degree certificate to vie for office as your M.P.

So Kenyans are going to have their own serious discussions among themselves as citizens, as women, as students, as communities, as young people, as farmers as workers, as entrepreneurs and as all of us and then may be we can share what we have with those who want to be our political leaders on how we can work together with them to advance our society in every way possible.

That could be a fair start.

Before we hit this.

Uhuru and his legacy

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Our KOVID – 21 In Kenya And Africa. How Do We Stop This Medical Genocide In Our Lifetime?

By Adongo Ogony September 12, 2021

In probably one of the worst health crisis ever in the world, the rich countries have decided that all those people in those poor countries cannot get vaccines against the worst pandemic in all our lifetimes.

This piece by Cara Anna and Sudhin Thanawala captures the gruesome reality of medical apartheid may be the first of its kind in human life.

The Latest: Thousands in Istanbul protest virus restrictions

Virus Outbreak

This is Atlanta

The reality is that in countries like Canada where I live they are throwing away expired vaccines and can’t send them to those who need them in other countries.

Just a month ago the pharmacies which administer the shots announced people needed to go and take shots or the vaccines will be expired.

This criminal negligence by the rich countries to hoard vaccines from more than half of the population of the world could have been excused in the panic when COVID 19 struck in January 2020.

The now very deliberate negligence of people in poor countries in dealing with COVID 19, cannot be justified in any way today when countries like Canada, the USA, England and the entire EU have more vaccines produced than they need for their populations.

COVID Vaccine is the only source of life for humans today.

Without the vaccine, your chances of getting sick and dead are the only chances you have.

How can it be permissible under the International Laws that governs our existence as nations today in the 21st century, that one part of the world can squeeze the other part to death just like that.

This is medical genocide that must be stopped for the sake of all of humanity.

Do we need an Emergency UN General Assembly meeting to deal with COVID 19 Vaccine Distribution in the world before we hit the iceberg?

Yes We Do.

This view from Okoth in Kenya about just getting the first shot before everybody in the West get ten booster shots sums it up.

In Nairobi, Okoth believes there should be a global commitment to equity in the administration of vaccines so everyone has a basic level of immunity as quickly as possible.

“If everyone at least gets a first shot, I don’t think anyone will care if others get even six booster shots,” he said.

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Afrika Everywhere In World Football.

I am not going to waste time. I am starting with Romelu Lukaku who is back to my beloved team, Chelsea, and he is on spot and living up to it.

Rom has three goals so far in the Premier League. It looks like a lot more is coming.

Romelu Lukaku’s background is from the DRC in Central Africa.

He is a Belgian playing for the National Team and has had a staller career already holding the record of goals scored by a player in the Belgian team.

Here is Romelu Lukaku’s work today.

romelu lukaku of Chelsea FC celebrates scoring his teams first goal during the Premier League match between Chelsea and Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge on September 11, 2021 in London, England

One more thing on Lukaku is that he was on again today at UEFA Champions Group games against Zenit St. Petersburg on September 14, 2021 at the Chelsea Stadium.

Here it is:


And the Romelu Lukaku in this game was the Romelu Lukaku we have come to know in the game of football. You can’t stop him.

The Stamford Bridge crowd are delighted to have him back
It was a fearsome header

I don’t know who is coming next.

Kareem Adeyemi It Is

The new crazy. Just a brilliant footballer happening now.

He plays for the German National team at 19 years of age.


He just leaves the opposition on the floor.

That is all he does.

Not bad for a very young football player like Adeyemi.

Here is his story in Football so far.

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Is Ruto Running Out Of Noise Material

It would be perplexing if it was not Ruto spinning his new thing. Ruto seems to be having some problems in terms of what to scream about to try and excite his delegates coming to his shrine everyday.

It is quite of strange when you look at it. What exactly are these delegates coming to do at Ruto’s house. Okay Ruto has the permanent red carpet in a huge tent at his home.

Deputy President William Ruto when he hosted a delegation of grassroots, political and religious leaders from Makueni at the Karen Residence, Nairobi County on August 10, 2021.

In Moi’s days the delegates came pretty much in the same mode of one district or locality after another.

Same here. Yesterday, we had Kisii delegates. The day before it was delegates from Gatanga in Murang’a. Of course Susan Kihika, Nakuru Senator and some form of Nakuru delegates seem to be permanently on the red carpet.

In Moi time the delegates came to collect money. This often led to massive fights among the delegates after the dancing was over. The bag of money was often given to the leader of the delegation to share with his crowd.

Like in any underhand deals the amount given was unknown to the delegates and only to the leader of that crew.

As in typical Kenyan politician lottery wins the leaders gave a little change and pocketed the rest of money.

The one thing they made sure was paid for was the transportation. You don’t want hungry and angry delegates stuck in the streets after reveling at State House.

With the Ruto delegates the ritual seems to be to offer Ruto a chance to make his complaints against the same government he is running and ask Kenyans to promote him to the big office because of the terrific job he has done.

Trouble now is that Ruto is running out of complaints against their government with Uhuru and poor Ruto just have to repeat himself everyday. It is a miracle he does not bore himself to death.

This is disappointing to me because I was beginning to get jealous about all these delegates taking all the oxygen and I have been preparing my own delegation to Karen from Toronto which we want to make very quickly before something gets messed up.

So I put out the word for a delegation to Ruto and the response was overwhelming. Nobody wants to miss out on this.

Then the travelling part came up. I told my delegates that I was going to ask the big kahuna himself to send us an airplane to storm on to his joint.

As we were waiting for arrangements to be made we came up with a very brave idea. Being Kenyans bravery is in our middle names.

Folks said they were ready to swim through the Atlantic ocean back to the motherland to show how much they love our new hero, Ruto and I said fine let’s do it.

Then Canada Immigration comes up.

First we have to put all our paperwork in order to the Canadian Border Authorities to let us into the waterway.

We were ready for that then the immigration officers come back and tells us that because of COVID for us to swim across the ocean we have to wear masks while swimming.

I mean, I know we love Ruto, but having to swim through the Atlantic in masks was just way too much.

So we are still waiting to make our splash in Karen then I see the new story.

Ruto is telling the latest delegates that he needs to be elected because the government he is running has failed to deliver their so-called Big 4 agenda that they promised Kenyans. I don’t know if any Kenyan out there knows what this BIG 4 thing is all about rather than hot air.

Forget about the laptops and stadia all over Kenya for the youth. Kenyans know how that all flopped. Damn those opposition leaders for killing that.

I have never heard about any leader telling their voters that listen, we screwed you up and lied to you about what we would deliver to you and we failed to do so, but that is exactly why you should elect me now as we make new promises

I have heard all sorts of strange things from politicians but this is new even by Ruto’s standards.

But then again there are new kingdoms to conquer for Ruto. Bigger ones.

Ruto and the 2022 kingdom
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